Mrs. Holyoke Walsh's Expectations for your Personal Wikispace:

1. You must join this site and keep your page updated and maintained throughout the entire semester

2. I would check your space a minimum of 3 times per week to add comments/discussions/add links etc.

3. You must have a minimum of 10 posts on your page to any reviewed scientific site. Please include a caption (brief summary) indicating what the audience will be viewing...or what your article was about...

4. Please make sure that the content of your site is reputable, ie. research centers, universities...if unsure...feel free to ask me!!

5. Cite your work. You can go to and plug in your information from your site. This will create your citation for you!! Please use APA styling.

6. Wikisharing


20 marks - Creativity/Layout/Design/Spelling & Grammar

40 marks - videos/links including citations and captions

40 marks - Discussions & Contributions to personal space and class members spaces (including at least one sharing session with class)