Major Biological Discovery!!

This is not a fairly new discovery but an important one!
In the remains of the chernobyl reactor a robot was sent in to examine the tomb
The area is highly radiated enough so that a human would die if he tried to enter it, With the radiation so high
Scientists expected to find nothing living, but to there surprise they found a living black slime like substance
they got the robot to take samples of this slime and take it back to there lab, Upon examnation of the substance they were even more amazed at what they found. Not only was this slime surving in a highly iradiated area, it was using the gamma radiation as food! When exposed to gamma radiation the slime now known as a fungi, grew 500 times faster than normal radiation levels would. The fungi uses melanin, a chemical found in human skin as well, in the same fashion as plants use chlorophyll. The melanin molecule is struck by gamma radiation and its chemistry is altered. This also implies there could be organisms living in space where ionizing radiation is plentiful.