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After Talking briefly in class about stem cell research, I decided to check into it a little, and find out some more information about it. I went to this site and I found out that stem cell research has just began to excel. So far some sciencist have be able to isolate stem cells and began to grow more cells and tissues. This to me is a great accomplishment in the science world and in the medical world. I really wanted to know if these stem cells can help to cure dieases, and I found out the demand for organ donations is very high and often there isnt enough donors. With the ability to grow cells and tissues doctors and scientists can make the tissues needed for patients. Also, the scientist are taking the cells from adults, so there is no harm. I found this site very interesting, and it provided lots about stem cells.

Stem Cell and Diseases. In stem cell information [world wide website]. Bethesda, MD: National Institutes of health, U.S
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I have known several people who have had liver dieases, and i was interested in how when you have a liver dieases your skin over time will start to change color. This is not a good sign either. The skin usually turns a yellow color; when this
Example Of Jaundice
happens it is called jaundice. Jaundice is " a yellow color in the skin, mucous membrane, or the eyes. The yellow pigment is from bilirubin, a result of old red blood cells." Jaundice happens because when the red blood cells die off the bilirubin is what is left. The old red blood cells are processed in the liver, so if the liver is damaged or not working right the red blood cells will overload the liver causing jaundice to happen. I always wondered why skin turned color when the liver was not working or when people were alcholics, and this site helped me understand it a little better. Check it out!

Kaneshiro, N.k. (2008). Jaundice, Yellow Skin. Medline Plus, Encyclopedia. Retrieved (2009, October 12) from

"The pet shop never mentioned venom"

The article I read from the‚Äč NewScientist was basically about vemon in reptilesHornedLizard.jpg and how it has evolved into the reptiles. The scientist discovered that the piosonous venom found in rattle snakes was also found in a popular reptile pet: the beared dragon. The scientist say that the discoveries of the venom in the common pets is connected to the "evolutionary family tree of lizards and snakes." The scientists keep finding more groups of lizards are venomous; in groups that were not before, or noticed at least. In a similar journal the scientist suggest they redo the whole classification for the evolution of venom. It use to be on the temparture of the tongue; however, they think this should be changed. They suggest egg teeth and hatchlings a more effective and reliable procedure. The scientists believe that the venom was over looked for so long becuse of how bacteria was effecting the reptiles.
I really enjoyed this article because I am an animal lover and find it interesting how they can interpet evolution throught the venom of these reptiles. It also made it interesting
find out how most of the venom was being found in pets that most people were getting. I found it a really good article.

Young, E. (2005, November 19). The pet shop never mentioned venom. New Scientist, 188(2526), 10.


I recently got a new kitten and the thing purrs like crazy! I always wondered
how they do it, so I decided to look it up. When she is close to me and she is purring it sounds like vibrations inside her. I find it incredible. In the article I read it said one of the main reasons we ask these kinds of questions is because we are intrigued by animals that can do things that we can not; so I guess this is how I came about asking myself this question. Cats purr when they are happy just like we laugh when we are happy. How do they do it? Well, their brain sends messages to muscles in the so that they will vibrate, and it sound continuious because when they breathe it continues the purring sound.The site I went to about how cats purr had a really cool video on it with more facts and discoveries about cats. It was mostly doing with the color of the cats fur and the color of the cats eyes and which types of cats are more likely to become blind etc because of the type of DNA they carry. I couldnt get the video on here so I am going to leave the website below, so you can check it out.

This video is just a funny clip I found on YouTube -November 16, 2009

New biology? Isn't there only one kind of biology? We
ll, I found this video on Youtube about "the new Biology." According to Dr. Bruce Lipton ( the narrator in the video) he was teaching something that was not backed up by sceintific experiments. He talks about how in the texts before it was called "Central Dogma" which was said to be true. No one actually experimented this because it was just assumed to be right. However, Bruce Lipton dicusses how this in fact isnt true and that now we are learning about Genenic Controll. The video does a good job of explaining the old biology, and what this new biology is. At the end, He sums it up by saying the Central Dogma was gene's controlling you, and gene controll is actually controlling your genes; in the end it comes down to your mind. I really suggest listening to thisvideo. whether it is true or not I'm not sure, but I found it interesting.

The Man With No Memory
My sister showed me this video one night about a man with severe amnesia, and when I say severe I mean severe. This man forgets what he says before he even finishes saying it. Every time he sees his wife he reacts as if he hasn't seen her in a long time. It is a sad reality that this man has to live his life basically not knowing anything because he forgets everything. The only things he can remember is his wife, and how to play the panio. This is what I found interesting about this video; the fact that he can't remember anything, yet he can still play music. Its amazing how the brain functions, and works.


Some of my favorite animals are in the cat family, but I most favorite by far is the black panther. I was just looking for some information on them, and I found some really neat facts! At three to four months old cubs already are following their mother to the hunting fields, and learning the way of life as a panther. The panther is able to hunt easily because of its size, and color. It can take down prey without being notice; also, the panther has retractable claws, so they stay sharp. This gives them a great advantage in the wild world. Out of all the big cats in the wild the black panther can survive the best in human populated areas. However, even though they are survive the best; there best isn't good enough, for the black panther is on the endangered species group. You would think with all the ups the panther has it wouldn't be anywhere close to the endangered list, but due to lost of environment, and so on the panther can't fight it. It's a sad reality. I found all this great and information, and much more at the website listed below, and I really recommend you check it out!, January 6, 2010

I found this video on youtube, its about different fish people discovered after a tsunami. I found it very interesting because there was several bizarre fish. The fish didn't look like any gold fish; there shapes and colors were strange. It really made me think how many animals, fish, etc that people don't even know about. These fish may have never been discovered if the tsunami never happened, so do you think we could find more weird animals if we had more natural disasters? Or do you think we should consider them disasters or works of art, for finding these amazing strange creatures?

Can Warm Milk Help Me Sleep?
When babies are young we feed them warm milk, and adults who are having trouble sleeping sometimes might go warm up some milk have a drink and go off to bed. Does the warm milk actually have an effect on us?
I went on a website, pondering this question, and on this website it said milk is to sooth you it doesn't actually make you sleep. The warm milk will rise your body temperature. On the site it said "According to Progress in Brain Research, a sleep textbook published by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience in 2006, sleep is induced more rapidly when skin temperature rises." So The author on the site said it would have been better to take a milk bath because it helps you sleep, and the things in the milk are good for your skin! Check out the whole article at the website below!

calf.jpeg , January 6, 2010
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Health Benefits Of CHOCOLATE!
Now, before you get your hopes too high I'm not talking about your favorite chocolate bar on the store shelf at the convenience store. I'm talking about chocolate in its purest form; fresh from the bean! The actual cocoa isn't that bad for you. It's all the other sugars, and things they put in the chocolate bars that make them fattening. Chocolate is a good health benefit because it is a good antioxidant. These are the things that get rid of bad things in your body that could potentially cause dieases etc. Antioxidants are measured in ORACs. There was a study done and for every 100g of dark chocolate there is 13,120 ORACs, and blueberries only had 2400 ORACs. So, I think it is clear that chocolate doesn't have to be your hips best friend; it can benefit you if you eat the right type, and amounts.

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