The commonly thought reason for chameleons change in color is for camouflage against predators, but really they change according to light exposure, temperature, emotion or attracting to there mate and most frequently their mood. The way they change their color is by increasing pigment cells of one color and decreasing pigment cells of another.

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Who knew that the little green trees on your plate could possibly save your life someday. I was looking up information on cancer and discovered that broccoli can help prevent cancer. Like the man in the video said broccoli has a chemical in it called sulforphane which helps with the prevention of cancer and also the fact that it's a vegetable helps. So next time you have broccoli your parents wont have to tell you to " eat up all your broccoli."

Are Freckles A Good Thing!?
Have you ever wondered why some people have more freckles then otheres, or why we even have them at all. There is a biological reason why these littlfreckles.jpge round spots appear on our skin. Each of us are born with genes that give us coloring which is known as pigment. The spots in the pigment are called melanin, sometimes melanin can either be randomly distributed around your body or found in clusters. When our skin is exposed to the sun the melanin cells in our body darken to protect our skin giving us a tan. There is less of a possibility for someones skin to burn in the areas where the freckles (clusters cells) are because they have a higher amount of melanin. Therefore yes, freckles are a good thing because they help protect our skin from the UV rays!

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I have heard that chocolate can kill dogs yet my dog has had tons of chocolate and he's still kicking! Thadogs.jpgt got me a little curious, so I did some research and found out that there is a chemical in chocolate called theobromine that can harm a dog. A dog has to eat a certain amount of chocolate for the theobromine to have an affect on him. How much they can eat also depends on their body weight , on the breed, metabolism, etc. Since I have a big dog that is why the chocolate did not affect him as much as it would a little dog. The theobromine is a lot like caffine and it will affect the dogs nervous system, heart and kidneys. Some symtoms that show that they've eaten chocolate are: throwing up, restlessness. You can tell if it is getting worse because they loose their co-ordination and balance, also they will get a high blood pressure and muscle spasms. To get rid of the theobromine a vet will try to get the dog to throw up or give him a substance called activated charcoal which absorbs the chemical.
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ALL THE WORLD IN A SINGLE EY E A well known saying is, eyes are the window of the soul, if you look into someones eyes you can tell if they are content, in pain or even if a person is in love. Eyes tell a lot about a person but apparently in the jounal I read it says we spend a lot of our time blind. You are probably confused at this time but actually our eyes move three times a second colecting information. The brain doesn't take all this rapid eye movement in because if it did we would feel noshes. Of all that we see, our brain will ony allow us to take in 10%. I found this neat that it said, " as you read this text, the constant movement of your eyes means they can only focus on between 20 and 70% of the words." For us to be aware of what we are seeing it takes approximately 500 millisecondsto go from the retina to the brain. After reading this articles on our eyes I decided to look up some things to get our eyes going.
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Your eyes are playing games with you it is not the screen
moving but when you look into the
black circles the image stops moving!



Once you read this, read it again..
then read it slowly.. Unless you've
already done this before!


Whenever I got hiccups my mom always told me it was because I was tierd. After doing research I realized the hiccups actually are not caused from tierdness but from an irritation in the diaphram. The diaphram is important to us because it moves air in and out of our lungs. At times when it becomes irritated it will pull air down into your lungs in a jerky way. As the air is being pulled down through your throat it passes quickly passed your voice box causing it to make that hiccup sound. Things that can cause the diaphram to become irritated are eating to much or even to fast, being nervous, excited or having an irritation in the stomach or throat.
Apparentley guys get affected with hiccups more then girls and the longest time someone has ever had hiccups was for 68 years!!

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As we were sitting in English class talking about our tongues and trying to touch them to our elbow I was thinking the tongue might be a cool body part to do my wiki on. I found some information on it that I have not known before like how close to half of the bacteria in our mouth lies on the tongue. The tongue has four basic tastes, salt, sweet, bitter, and also sour, that you can distinguish on your 3 000 taste buds. Something else about the tongue is that just like your finger prints all tongue prints are unique. The tongue isn't just for tasting and eating food but it also helps keep out germs. You see at the back of our tongue it has something called lingual tonsil which are filled with cells that help keep the bad germs out that cause infection. This is where tonsillitis comes in to play, it is when your tonsils are infected. Another interesting part is that your tongue i\has a frenulum which is that thin layer of tissue that is connected from under your tongue to your mouth. This is so you do not swallow your tongue.
When you pronounce words with letters like K's in them or G's such as go that is the back of your tongue helping to make those sounds. In the article I read it gave this little demonstration, say go really slowly and you'll feel the back of your tongue moving on the top of your mouth to make that sound! The tongue is actually an amazing part of the body that may seem small but does a whole lot!

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Great White Shraks!That poor little seal didn't have much of a chance, and now he is in the belly of the shark! A great white shark can swim up to a speed of 55 kph, and they can weight 5 000lbs. As for there teeth, they don't just have one row or even two but they have 5 rows of teeth, and if they loose one in the front another tooth will rotate and fill the missing hole. This isn't even the biggest or fastest shark so I can't imagine being its poor little helpless prey.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Over these holidays I was talking to a friend about eating right and he told me that you have to listen to your body. This may sound weird but in other words eat what your body wants and needs in order to function. If you get into bad habits your body becomes used to that life style, for instance coffee, some people need it or else they get major headaches and sometimes cranky.
Your body is kind of like a car for this reason, it needs the right fuel to keep it going and to not shut down. If you put diesel in a car that needs regular the engine will eventually burn out or wear down. I've also learned why some of us might think that water has no taste. If you drink too much of certain drinks like pop that have so much flavour water slowly becomes tasteless and boring. Although if you get into the habit of only drinking water your body will eventually start to crave it a lot more. After drinking water alone I heard the taste of pop becomes to sweet. Eat right and see what makes your body tic.

I talked to Jon Carrier about eating healthy!


Have you ever looked in the sky and have seen the birds orderly in a V shape? I mean why wouldn't they just fly in a pack? Well ducky.gifstudies show that it actually lowers the birds heart rate. With them flying in a V shape the aerodynamic formation rudces the air drag. You might be wondering about that poor little birdy thats leading, even though it is tougher on him and he has to work a lot harder he'll get his break. When the leading bird gets tired he falls out and finds a new spot in the V formation. Birds have to work as a team and make room for the leader who falls out of place.

Here is just a short video of geese flying in a V formation!!

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