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How a Tiny Bug Slew T. Rex

"A trip to the dentist could perhaps have saved many a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Holes found in the jawbones of 10 T. Rex – including "Sue" at the Field Museum in Chicago – may not be battle scars from fighting with rivals as previously thought. The holes are more consistent with parasitic infections that gouged holes up to 5 centimeters wide in the bone, says Ewan Wolff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His team examined 61 T. Rex jawbones and observed the holes in 1 in 6 of them. They say the lesions do not resemble bites, but instead are akin to the lesions that protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae causes in birds – especially birds of prey such as hawks and ospreys. "

Hogan, G. (2009). How a tiny bug slew T. Rex., 1, Retrieved Sept 28th

This article caught my eye, because how a little bug could have wiped out an entire species of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T. Rex were one of the largest carnivorous animals in the Cretaceous period. There are holes that have been found in 1 of 6 T. rexs about 5 cm wide in the bone, which resemble lesions that protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae caused in birds.

Obesity Epidemic May Threaten Mitten Industry
Jack Yanovski and his team with the Unit on Growth and Obesity at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Health and Human Development found that in the bodies of overweight people, generate more head then the average size person. But if obese people generate more heat, then how come when they did a test that 27 obese people had the same internal heat as 17 average people? Well, because more plump people have more weight, it forms as an insulation for the body. They loose their body heat through their hands and feet, due to the fact our hands have the less fat on them. In an average person, the temperature around their fingernails is approximately 33.9 degrees Celsius and the normal weight person is approximately 28.6 degrees Celsius which is 5.3 degrees of a difference. So scientist are trying to create a cooling glove so that the obesity can wear it while working out so that it is easier to eliminate their increase of body weight temperature. Read more...
Retrieved Oct 5th

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How to pick a perfect mate
In this article I read "How to pick a perfect mate" talked about why we fall for the people we do, and if we really have much of a choice. First off, we do have little control over the way we decide on a partner, but there are ways to choose well. As most of us believe, selecting a mate is the most crucial decision of our lives. But Mate selection is a highly complex process which we are only aware of part of it. When we are conscious, there are many things we find attractive, men tend to desire women with features that suggest youth and fertility. While women have strong preferences for a virile male beauty, taut bodies, broad shoulders, clear skin and defined masculine facial features, all of which may indicate sexual potency and good genes. We also know that women are attracted to men who look as if they have wealth, or the ability to acquire it, and that both men and women strongly value intelligence in a mate. But lets be realistic we don't all fall in love with
"super-mates" like these. But "we know smell is an important cue. People literally sniff out their partner". We are attracted to the smell of someone, and this is why they call itchemistry. Funny thing is, if you are on the pill it affects the way you are attracted to someone and can mislead you to thing you have found the one. Having sex can also complicate the way you see a potential partner. After sex, the brain releases oxytocin, which results in the warm, companionable feeling of love. With that it can make you feel love with someone that is not right for you.
You may be thinking that you have already missed your chance with that one person for you, but really, there is more then one "him/her", so keep looking for your true love.

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A Cure to M.S?... REALLY?:O

So i was watching the news tonight and saw a feature about a possible cure to multiple sclerosis. This disease affects many people world wide, and when i heard they may have found a possible cure, i was mystified!

If you are wondering what multiple sclerosis is, it's a chronic disease of the nervous system. There are 50 different symptoms of ms, which include : fatigue, depression, bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, vision problems, ect.

Scientist seem to believe that m.s is caused by clogged veins in the brain. Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni theorizes that ms is a vascular disease and can be treated with a simple surgical procedure to open up blocked veins

I personally was very interested in this article/video because i know someone who is experiencing ms, and finding out there may be a possible cure is amazing!!!
Go here..

CTV, News staff. (2009). Ms society calls for research into experimental therapy. 1. Retrieved from Nov 23rd

World's oldest known DNA discovered

A team of researchers led by Dr. Jong Soo Park of Dalhousie University, found six segments of identical DNA that have never been seen in todays world of science. They discovered a 419 million-year-old DNA intact inside ancient salt deposits. This DNA is the oldest ever found, and belongs to salt-loving bacteria, and they believe that their ancestors may have ben among the first life forms on Earth............COOOOOOOOL EHHHH!?!

Reilly, M. (2009, December 18). World's oldest known dna discovered. Retrieved from Retrieved december 25th

Soo thanks to Richelle asking about my video post on if your eyeballs will pop out of your head if you sneeze, asking what the speed a sneeze actually leaves your body got me searching. I found this very interesting that a single sneeze can leave your body at around 100 miles per hour. The fastest sneeze ever recorded was at 102 miles per hour! As most of you know sneezing occurs when you get little particles in a sensitive region of your nose, which you create a sneeze to get rid of it. (For example: dust) After reading and article on that some people sneeze when they look into a bright light causes them to sneeze, I remembered that one of my good friends once started sneezing one sunny day while he was driving. I asked him about it and he said that for some odd reason he always sneezes when he looks into the sun. Little did we know that it has actually been studied and is called Photic Sneeze Reflex also known as Achoo, surprisingly ironic. Approximately 17 to 35% of the worlds population has Photic Sneeze Reflex, it's caused by congenital malformation of the nerve that controls sneezing, which is called the trigeminal nerve. Luckily this condition is not dangerous, although it can be highly embarrassing. Hahaha i guess my friend will have to get use to it! lol


Health Hype, Initials. (2008, January 11). Sneezing - causes, treatments and good sneezing practices. Retrieved from Retrieved December 5

Loss of Sea Ice Stirs up the Ocean

unfrozen_arctic_ocean.jpgThe arctic ocean is generally considered a quiet ocean, with not severe movement and waves. All this is due because of the ice that covers the water protects it from low winds and high winds and stopped the ocean from mixing. Although in the summers while its warmer, the ice would be thinner and the wind generated large internal oscillations and increase turbulence.
Now with the amount of ice decreasing in the summer due to the change in temperature its increasing internal wave generation. This causes important implications on Arctic Oceans ecosystems and ocean dynamics.


ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 4, 2010, from /releases/2009/12/091230183301.htm


So, i've had this cold for 1 week now, and it consists a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.. SUCKS! Anyways have you ever herd that if you sneeze with your eye open, your eyeballs will pop out? Sounds crazy right? Well some people believe it, and I had no idea wether too or not, so I did a little research on the subject. Of course my favorite people Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tori, and Grant are also on an expedition to find out if it's a myth or a fact.. If you are as curious as me watch this video to find out! Retrieved Oct 18th

Watch it? Tell me in my comments if it was a myth or not. :) Also I have a similar post up on my articles!

This video I found interesting because it shows hows animals can be changed physically by biology. And how some animals are different because of their cells. In this video it shows animals that have been either mutated or deformed from birth. Personally I think mutations of animals is wrong, unless its for scientific research. If it's for medical research I think they should be able to, but for fun and recreation to figure out what animals can mix together, by making them suffer is wrong and should not be able to happen. Retrieved Oct 7th Retrieved January 3rd

Myth busters set up 10 green houses and try and figure out that if you talk or play music to plants they will grow better. in each house they have one that has a repeated cycle of one of them insulting the plants, one caring for the plants, classical music, heavy metal, and one normal for a controlled experiment. Although most of them didn't believe it would make a difference, the results surprised them, including me! Their results show that what they were saying didn't make such a difference at all, it was just the fact that someone was talking which made the difference. COOL EH! So if you have some free time on your hands watch these videos! I was watching tv today and i seen it was playing, and because of our whole unit on botany, i thought i should upload these to share with all of you! ENJOY