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When listening to music that fits their taste the Cotton-top Tamarin calm down nicely. Researchers put together an experiment using different types of mixes that they made themselves to see how the monkeys would react. The monkeys had different effects to different types of music.
The cotton-tops reacted in a mellow fashion when exposed to music that sounded of long high-pitch tones. To us they sound a lot like nails on a chalk board. I found this to be true when listening to the music clip. The song “Of Wolf and Man” by Metallica actually calmed the monkeys as well. It surprised me that something so heavy metal could actually calm the little critters. The monkeys became much more lethargic, and weren’t moving around quite as much, and also were interacting with each other less.
Another clip which sounded to me like an accident between a car and a string quartet made the monkeys very anxious. The monkeys actually began to huddle together for comfort.

The composer of the Monkey tunes is David Teie, and he was very pleased with the results. He states "If i was right about the aspects of music that was built by humans
or humans, then I should be able to write for another species, based on its perceptions and developement".
David continues to work on this research.

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I read the article called "Ending the nightmare". This article is concentrating on sleeping sickness, and how scientists are going to a cellular level to discover a cure.

When reading this article I discovered that sleeping sickness is mainly caused by a type of fly bite. It’s not necessarily the fly that bites you (tsetse fly) that’s giving you the disease; it is the millions of parasites that are put into your blood stream. First symptoms are aching bones and headaches, then a fever. After prolonged exposure to the disease you become disoriented and your sleep cycle goes a-wall. The sad truth is that without treatment you will die, and the treatment you can get has a 1 in 20 chance that it will kill you. The reason it is so hard to treat is because the trypanosome parasite that is within the disease is like chameleon in our blood stream, and It is constantly changing its coats, and manipulating our immune system.

One interesting battle force is "good cholesterol", it can also be called high-density lipoprotein. The very complex particles of HDL attack the trypanosome particle, and cause a hypotonic reaction. The long thin parasites turn into bloated cells, swell and die. The problem is finding the good cholesterol and then using it to attack the trypanosome, the problem is the $money$. Clinical trials are wanted, but the problem is that drug companies don’t have a keen interest in developing expensive treatments for the poor. Pays (one of the scientist heavily into the research and treatment of sleeping sickness) states that “The difficulties ahead are no worse than those we’ve already overcome.”
NewsScientist, Nicholls, Henry Ending the Nightmare. vol 195 No 2618, 35-37

The other day I sat down to eat and enjoy lunch with my friends, like I do everyday, when my friend Charlotte offered me what appeared to be a normal chip. I, being an extreme chip lover, quickly snatched one out of the beg and proceeded to munch. The chip was salty, crunchy, and flavourful (all things I look for in a chip). I soon found oubeggie_chips.jpgt that what i had just snacked on was a VEGETABLE CHIP. Allow me to answer the obvious statement you're all making on the other side of the computer screen, I realize that potatoes are vegetables too. These Veggie chips are made from different vegetables. Some more common veggie chips are those such as: Carrot, Parsnip, and Beet-root. I became quite fascinated with the fact that these chips could be a good way to have something salty while also getting my veggies. I proceded to look to the interenet to see how exactly to go about making them, instead of getting still not-to-healthy (and high in sodium) processed chips from a health food store. It all seemed very easy. Vegetable of really any choice (although veggies listed before along with sweet potatoe/yam are sugggested). Thinly slice, add some oil, any seasonings, then cook! I plan to look into making something of this sort. I'll let you know of my adventures.
If your not into the home-made thing, then purchasing them at a health food store is always another option. The same amount of calories found in a regular bag of plain LAYS chips was 150/28g serving. The amount found for the same serving but in veggie chips was 130. The Amount of grams of fat was also in beggie chips being 7g compared to 10g. Seeing all of this, I was impressed, until i realized that the veggie chips had a whole 70mg of sodium more than the plain chips. I still see the veggies chips being healthier, but YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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The other night I was watching a show I am very fond of known as "Cake Boss" when a client of the owner's asked for a carniverous plant cake to be made. I was interested in the look of the plant and then I had a "lightbulb moment". I thought to myslef that it would be an excellent idea for my Biolody Wiki!

Carnivorous plants are a very unique plant. They are unique because they derive a lot of the energy from consuming smaller animals or protozoa’s. They tend to grow in soil with little nutrients, like acidic bogs and rock outcroppings.

There are five basic types of trappings that carniverous plants use:
Fly Paper
Snap Traps
Bladder Traps
Lobster - Pot
PITFALL TRAPS: This is where the plant traps and rolls its pray in a leaf, with a pool of digestive enzymes or even bacteria.
FLYPAPER TRAPS: This is when the plant uses a sticky substance known as Mucilage.
SNAP TRAPS: The plant uses quick and rabid leaf movements in order to quickly snatch up it's prey.
BLADDER TRAPS: An internal vacuum is generated from sucking in with the bladder.
LOBSTER-POT TRAPS: The plants force the prey into the digestive organs by using inward pointing hairs.

Possibly the most popular Carniverous plant is known as Venus Fly Trap. Most Carniverous plants live all over the world, but Venus Fly Traps are only found in selective boddy areas of North and South Carolina. People are very fascinated by them, so they collect alot of them , and unfortunatly they have become endangered.
For more information check out this link to YOU TUBE on carniverous plants:)

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THE HAMMER HEARD SHARK and EYESSmooth-Hammerhead-Shark.jpg
Maybe you've wondered at one point in your life.... why the heck does the hammer head shark have such a weird shaped head?
Scientist have come up with a few opinions as to why they are made the way they are. Some say that the way there head is shaped helps them so see, and others think it makes it more difficult to see.
The real deal is that the Hammerhead shark has excellent binocular vision. Having such a alien shaped head gives them the ability to see through 360 degrees! COOL!
A study was performed on the Juvenile Scolloped Hammerhead shark, and also the Bonnethead sharks. They compared the two and the results were actually quite interesting.
The Hammerhead prevailed having much better binocular vision than that of the more pointy headed shark.
Overall, sharks have an excellent vision, much better than you would think! Good Depth perception and a 360 degree view of the world is had by both regularly shaped and the not-so-regular shape of the Hammerhead sharks.
SO, next time your out for a dip in the deep blue (somewhere that Hammerhead sharks are found) just remember.... they're watching you.
Wide heads give hammerhead sharks exceptional vision.. (2009, November 27). Retrieved from http://in.news.yahoo.com/139/20091127/981/tsc-wide-heads-give-hammerhead-sharks-ex.html

JELLY FISH.... ONE IN PARTICULARFried-egg-jelly.jpg
Just the other night, before my bedtime, I was flipping throught the channels when i came across something that absolutely blew my mind.
They were doing a lovely little piece on your everyday Jelly Fish and all of a sudden this monsterous Jelly Fish started to capture and eat all the little helpless Jelly Fish. As I began to yell at the TV I realized that this is a type of animal Cannibalism. After being momentarily proud of myself for figuring that out I started to listen to the TV and soon found out that this crazy huge JELLY FISH was known as the "Fried Egg" Jelly fish, and there is a very simple reason for it... it looks exactly like a fried egg!
Its method for capturing its buddies to eat them was quite simple. It threw its big stingers out >> and almost created a web-like trap that there was no getting out of. It really did look painful from my point of view.
Next time you find a jelly fish on the beach, let it know to stay away from its cousin - THE FRIED EGG!

REFERENCES: My own mind, and also the oh so lovely discovery channel.


Im sure we've all had it before, after a long day at school you come home, kick off your shoes lay on the couch and myabe or maybe not take your socks off.
If you're like me you let the little piggies breath, and after removing your stockings you see what? TOE JAM.
I've wondered for quite some time now.. what exactly is it?
Toe Jam, is simply the collection of dead skin cells, natural skin oils, and bacteria all in between your toesies. It is found that the lint from your socks make up a majority of your toe jam also, as im sure you have all noticed. The sock lint is collected due to the moisture and perspiration build up that happens when a foot is in a shoe for hours on end.
Prevention of toe jam is next to impossible... even with barefeet.
BUT! With regular cleansing, and good hygiene a decent amount of prevention can occur!
Pollick , M. (2009, December 01). What is Toe jam?. Retrieved from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-toe-jam.htm


Everyone hates it and lots of people have it.bent_leg.jpg
Ive often wondered what exactly cellulite is, so now BAM i'm finding out for me and all of you to know!
In simple terms, cellulite is just little pockets of fat that cause a nasty dimple in the skin (multiple dimples i might add).
Statistics show that it happens in 90% of women who are past the adolescent stage in their lives.
Although many relate cellulite to obesity, surprisingly, many perfectly healthy people have it.
Cellulite occurs when there are complex changes in a fat layer known as the subcutaneous fat layer. Cellulite occurs easily in the layer due to the fact that the fatty parts of the layer are structured in a chamber form.
When trying to prevent cellulite, one must be wise, and listen to a few tips!
Creams are mainly bought in order to prevent, and many are ineffective.
Keep your eyes open for creams that contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!
These are natural, and will essentially help to smooth and soften the skin, so it can repair itself more on its own!
Presscott, R. (2007). What is Cellulite?. Retrieved from http://www.managecellulite.com

Why Exactly Do leeches and Salty Goodness clash?
Chances are that if you ever gone swimming in a stream, or lake you've probably gotten a leech. In class we all recently did a little bit of reading on leeches, and i thought to myself... hmmmm i want to know more!
Growing up i've gotten a few leeches here and there, and my mom would always poor lots of salt on them to get them off my foot and i've just now decided that I would like to know the reason why.
Tis actually quite simple friends, for as we have all learned in our grand Biology class SALT SUCKS!
The salt we put on and around the leech causes it to shrivel up, and essentially unhook its strong suckers that deny a human from pulling it off in the first place!
CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkNU0Eg5ukY
It shows a leech detatching after being selted like last nights dinner, actually quite interesting.

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Pop Rocks are definatly a favorite candy of mine, and I will have an extreme craving for them after this post is finished.
These neat little treats are quite interesting for the litteraly POP! in your mouth!
Pop Rocks are basically just hard candy with a twist added to them. Hard candy is basically a once heated and then cooled down mixture of corn syrup, water, sugar, and flavoring. Pop rocks are made with the same ingredient and one extra, CARBON DIOXIDE at 600 pounds per square inch or PSI. Bubbles are formed from the C02 , and once the pressure is released and the candy becomes cool the candy will actually explode or shatter.Now heres the kicker! Some bubbles still remain within the candy, and when you suck on these little gems they melt in your mouth and the remaining C02 is released with a loud POP!
hmmm.. i wonder how they got their name?!
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